• May 2002
  • Vol. 3, No. 4

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Guidelines for the Development of Foster Care Handbooks: What Foster Youth Have to Say

Harrak, Terry; Jones, Maria Garin. Child Welfare League of America, Inc., Washington, DC. 2001. 31 pp. $8.95. Paperback.

Entry into foster care is often a difficult transition for children, particularly because they know very little about the system. To bridge this information gap, the Youth Involvement Initiative brought together youth currently or formerly in foster care to discuss the use and improvement of foster care handbooks. They reviewed a list of key questions and critical subject areas in order to craft a new handbook for use by agencies involved in foster care. Highlighting strengths and weaknesses, these foster children assessed existing State handbooks to determine how well each addressed the critical subject areas. They identified 30 subject areas for consideration, and developed 8 essential components for effective foster care handbooks.

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