• June 2002
  • Vol. 3, No. 5

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News From the Child Welfare Training Resources (CWTR) Online Network: Guide for Clinical Social Workers in the Courtroom

Drawing from years of experience testifying in court as a social worker in private practice, Janet Vogelsang, MSW, BCD, has written The Witness Stand: A Guide for Clinical Social Workers in the Courtroom. (Haworth Social Work Practice Press, 134 pp., $19.95 paperback.)

Intended to fill a void in the preparation of clinical social workers, this guide presents information that will be helpful in family, criminal, juvenile or other types of courts. Describing skills needed for all types of legal proceedings, it is organized into chapters that each address a specific issue in preparing for and going to court. Written by a social worker for social workers, the guide presents legal definitions, examples of courtroom situations and tips for testifying in an easy-to-read format. Each chapter ends with a brief summary and list of suggestions that serve as a review of what to remember before testifying.

Development of this guide was rooted in Vogelsang's belief that, "Clinical social workers belong in the courtroom and the courts need clinical social workers, because we have specialized training in conducting biopsychosocial assessments that provide the courts with comprehensive information they are unlikely to hear otherwise."

Professors in colleges of social work will also find the guide helpful in preparing students for their professional role in the courtroom.

To purchase a copy, contact:

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Binghamton, NY 13904-1580
Phone: 800-429-6784
Fax 800-895-0582
Email: getinfo@haworthpressinc.com
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