• October 2002
  • Vol. 3, No. 8

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NAIC Website Rated Best of the Web by Forbes.com

The National Adoption Information Clearinghouse website was voted a "Forbes Favorite" in Forbes.com's Best of the Web Fall 2002. Sites were ranked according to five criteria: content, design, speed, navigation, and customization. Of the 14 adoption-related websites reviewed, six were ranked "Best of the Web," with the National Adoption Information Clearinghouse's site earning top honors with the "Forbes Favorite" designation.

This is Forbes.com's third annual ranking of the best websites in the nation. The Best of the Web Directory contains reviews of more than 3,500 sites, grouped into nine categories: Collecting, Education, Health, Investing, Look It Up, Luxe Shopping, Personal Finance & Careers, The Good Life (where adoption falls), and Travel.

Forbes.com's summary of the National Adoption Information Clearinghouse website:

This is one government program that actually helps you cut the red tape. The site is full of reliable information and resources for prospective parents, adoptees, birth relatives and adoption professionals alike. It's user-friendly, guiding you through the layers of cross-referenced information in a clear and congenial way. Need tips on transracial adoption? How to deal with adoption-agency residency requirements if you're a military family? It's all here, though prospective parents seeking domestic adoptions will find the most. Be sure to check out the FAQs for more specifics.

Visit the Forbes.com Best of the Web Fall 2002 site at http://www.forbes.com/bow/.

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