• September 2003
  • Vol. 4, No. 7

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Upcoming national conferences on adoption and child welfare through December 2003 include:


  • "Investigation and Prosecution of Child Abuse: Equal Justice for Children" (National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse; October 6 through 10, Baltimore, MD; www.ndaa.org/education/ndaa/child_abuse_training_schedule.html).
  • "Linking Together: Reaching the Summit" (American Association of Children's Residential Centers; October 7 through 10, Denver, CO; www.aacrc-dc.org/templ/display.cfm?id=269).
  • 12th Generations United International Conference "Uniting Generations to Build a Better World" (October 15 through 18, Alexandria, VA; www.gu.org/conference03.htm).
  • It's My Life Conference (Casey Family Programs; October 16 through 17, Austin, TX; http://www.casey.org/its_my_life_conference.htm -- this link is no longer available).
  • NCALP Fifth Annual National Symposium "In the Matter of ASFA: Examining the First Five Years of the Adoption and Safe Families Act" (National Center for Adoption Law & Policy; October 20 through 21, Columbus, OH; www.law.capital.edu/adoption/conferences.htm).
  • "The Lifegiver's Festival" (Insight: Open Adoption Resources and Support; October 23 through 26, Higgins Lake, MI; http://openadoptioninsight.org/lifegiver.htm).


  • Children's Rights Council 14th National Conference "Effecting Positive Outcomes for Children" (November 7 through 8, Hanover, MD; www.gocrc.com).
  • "Lifelong Connections in Adoption" (Adoption Knowledge Affiliates; November 7 through 8, Austin, TX; www.adoptionknowledge.org/confer1.htm).
  • "Tools that Work: Improving Child Welfare Services Through Research, Performance Measurement, and Information Technology" (CWLA Walker Trieschman Center; November 12 through 14, Miami, FL; www.cwla.org/conferences).
  • "Shared Connections: Bringing Birthmothers and Adoptive Mothers in Open Adoptions Together" (Insight: Open Adoption Resources and Support; November 13 through 16, Higgins Lake, MI; http://openadoptioninsight.org/shared_connections.htm).
  • American Public Health Association's 131st Annual Meeting and Exposition (November 15 through 19, San Francisco, CA; www.apha.org/meetings).
  • Federation for Children's Mental Health 15th Annual Conference "Families Deserve the Best ... Promising Interventions and Best Practices for Serving Children with Mental Health Needs" (November 20 through 23, Washington, DC; www.ffcmh.org).


  • First Annual Trauma Treatment Clinic (American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children; December 1 through 5, Lahaina, HI; www.apsac.org).
  • Zero to Three's 17th National Training Institute (December 4 through 7, New Orleans, LA; www.zerotothree.org/nti00/index_main00.html -- this link is no longer available).

Further details about national and regional child welfare conferences can be found in the "conferences" section on the National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect Information website at http://nccanch.acf.hhs.gov/profess/conferences/index.cfm.

Further details about national and regional adoption conferences can be found in the "conferences" section on the National Adoption Information Clearinghouse website at http://naic.acf.hhs.gov/general/conferences/index.cfm.

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