• May 2004
  • Vol. 5, No. 4

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Foundation Center Provides Information & Training on Corporate Giving

The Foundation Center offers information and resources for nonprofits interested in tapping corporations for support. Along with describing some common mechanisms for corporate giving (e.g., corporate giving programs, company-sponsored foundation), the Foundation Center provides a list of electronic and print resources on its website ( http://fdncenter.org/learn/faqs/html/corporate_giving.html).

In addition, an Introduction to Corporate Giving training course is offered at each of the Foundation Center's five libraries throughout the year. The courses are free, but space is limited. Locations and dates of upcoming corporate giving trainings are listed below:

  • Cleveland (http://fdncenter.org/cleveland/corpgvcl.html), May 18 and June 24
  • New York (http://fdncenter.org/newyork/corpgvny.html), May 17 and June 18
  • San Francisco (http://fdncenter.org/sanfrancisco/corpgvsf.html), June 28
  • Washington, DC (http://fdncenter.org/washington/corpgvdc.html), May 6 and June 9

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