• October 2004
  • Vol. 5, No. 8

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Adoption Support and Preservation Services

The summer issue of The Roundtable, the newsletter of the National Resource Center for Special Needs Adoption, focuses on the availability and sustainability of adoption support and preservation services. A number of articles examine State programs that show promising results in their postadoption services:

  • New Jersey's services include (1) a publicly funded postadoption counseling network of private agency providers, (2) an Adoption Certificate program for clinicians, and (3) the establishment of the New Jersey Adoption Resource Clearing House.
  • Oregon has established the Oregon Post Adoption Resource Center to sustain adoptive families with services such as supportive listening and problem solving, information assistance, a lending library, and parent training.
  • A number of additional States show promising practices, including Alabama's Post Adoption Connection, Wisconsin's six Post Adoption Resource Centers, and the Texas Post Adoption Service Program.

This issue of The Roundtable can be downloaded at http://www.nrcadoption.org/pdfs/roundtable/V18N1-2004.pdf (PDF - 889 KB).

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