• June 2005
  • Vol. 6, No. 5

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Effective Black Parenting

The Center for the Improvement of Child Caring (CICC) offers an ongoing series of workshops around the country to prepare instructors to lead Effective Black Parenting classes. The workshops for instructors are intensive 5-day sessions that provide staff with training, materials, and certification to lead these classes in the community.

Effective Black Parenting is an evidence-based national model program developed by CICC that approaches African-American parenting with an achievement orientation. The program covers the topics of culturally sensitive parenting strategies, general parenting strategies, parenting using African-American language expressions and African proverbs, and special topics such as single parenting and drug abuse.

In addition to its Effective Black Parenting training for instructors, CICC offers workshops for instructors in their Confident Parenting program, Los Niños Bien Educados program, and Steps to Independence for Young Children with Special Needs.

For more information, visit the CICC website at www.ciccparenting.org.

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