• October 2005
  • Vol. 6, No. 8

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Sibling Relationships

The Attachment and Bonding Center of Ohio offers a training curriculum on sibling relationships and their importance in adoption and foster care. Written by R. Kupecky, the curriculum focuses on the importance of sibling relationships and is geared for foster and adoptive parents, social workers, legal personnel, guardians ad litem, CASA volunteers, mental health professionals, and intake workers.

Materials for the My Brother, My Sister: Sibling Relations in Adoption and Foster Care training curriculum include trainer's notes, activities, PowerPoint slides, and 11 video segments. The curriculum is divided into seven units:

  1. Introduction to sibling issues
  2. Importance of sibling ties
  3. Why siblings are separated
  4. Benefits of keeping siblings together
  5. The dream team: sibling friendly agencies
  6. Ways to build/maintain sibling connections when living separately
  7. Making the decision

For information about purchasing this curriculum, contact R. Kupecky at 440.230.1960 #5 or ReginaKu@msn.com.

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