• June 2006
  • Vol. 7, No. 5

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Toolkits for Mentoring Programs

The National Mentoring Partnership has produced a new toolkit, "How to Build a Successful Mentoring Program Using the Elements of Effective Practice™." The toolkit provides step-by-step guidance, starting with a basic definition of the types of mentoring and covering all the elements of program development, including funding, recruitment, staff training and development, matching of mentors to mentees, ongoing support and supervision, and program evaluation.

The toolkit is available for download in English and Spanish, respectively, on the National Mentoring Partnership website:

www.mentoring.org/downloads/mentoring_413.pdf (PDF - 1080 KB)
www.mentoring.org/downloads/mentoring_414.pdf (PDF - 2880 KB)

The National Network of Youth Ministries, with support from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, has released a Mentor Recruitment Kit. The free kit may be ordered online and includes a DVD, a recruitment resource guide, and other resources, such as postcards and public service announcements. Complete information can be found on the coalition's website:


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