• July/August 2006
  • Vol. 7, No. 6

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Examining the Effects of Child Trauma

The Winter 2006 issue of the Juvenile and Family Court Journal is a special issue devoted to the long-term effects of trauma and abuse on children. The articles focus on information to help courts and judges deal effectively with these difficult cases. Articles include:

  • "The Impact of Trauma on Child Development" by F. W. Putnam
  • "Pathways from Traumatic Child Victimization to Delinquency: Implications for Juvenile and Permanency Court Proceedings and Decisions" by J. D. Ford, J. Chapman, M. Mack, and G. Pearson
  • "The State of the Debate about Children's Disclosure Patterns in Child Sexual Abuse Cases" by E. Olafson and C. S. Lederman
  • "Medical Evidence and Expert Testimony in Child Sexual Abuse" by L. D. Frasier and K. L. Makoroff
  • "Children Exposed to Domestic Violence: Making Trauma Informed Custody and Visitation Decisions" by P. Van Horn and B. M. Groves
  • "Protecting and Supporting Children in the Child Welfare System and the Juvenile Court" by B. Ryan, C. Bashant, and D. Brooks
  • "Trauma Interventions and Systems Change in Rural Areas: The Role of the Juvenile Court Judge in Collaboration with Mental Health Professionals" by T. Kliebert et al.

The journal is published by the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges. A sample article, abstracts, and ordering information are available online:


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