• April 2007
  • Vol. 8, No. 3

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Navajo Nation and Arizona Agree on Foster Care Reimbursements

The Navajo Nation recently became the first Arizona Tribe to sign a title IV-E intergovernmental agreement with the State that will allow the Tribe to be reimbursed hundreds of thousands of dollars for the foster care of Navajo children. The agreement provides for the training and licensing of relatives of the foster children so the children can continue to live with a family member. The custom of caring for grandchildren or other related children has a long history among Navajos.

The Navajo Nation has had a similar agreement with New Mexico since 2002 that has resulted in 99 percent of Tribal foster children being placed with relatives.

A press release about the agreement can be found on the Navajo Nation website:

www.navajo.org/images/pdf%20releases/George%20Hardeen/dec06/Navajo%20Nation%20signs%20IV-E%20Intergovernmental%20agreement%20with%20Arizona%20to%20receive%20foster%20care%20reimbursements.pdf (136 - KB)

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