• April 2007
  • Vol. 8, No. 3

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World Health Organization Works to Prevent Child Maltreatment

The World Health Organization (WHO), in conjunction with the International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, has issued a practical new guide to help countries prevent violence against children. The publication, Preventing Child Maltreatment: A Guide to Taking Action and Generating Evidence, is intended to assist countries in designing and delivering programs for the prevention of child maltreatment by parents and caregivers. The intended audience is policymakers and program managers at high levels of government.

Chapters include:

  • The nature and consequences of child maltreatment (including costs)
  • Epidemiological and case-based information (and how to collect it)
  • Prevention
  • Services for affected children and families

The publication is available on the WHO website:

http://whqlibdoc.who.int/publications/2006/9241594365_eng.pdf (867 - KB)

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