• February 2008
  • Vol. 9, No. 1

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Nominations for the National Child Welfare Leadership Institute

The National Child Welfare Leadership Institute (NCWLI) is seeking nominations for participants. The purpose of the NCWLI is to develop and enhance leadership skills among midlevel managers in public and Tribal child welfare agencies to improve service programs and outcomes for vulnerable children and families in the child welfare system. Each leadership institute includes:

  1. A 5-day residential training event focusing on leadership development
  2. A 3-month transfer-of-learning period that includes technical assistance through e-learning communities
  3. A 3-day training event to discuss progress on change initiatives and to advance implementation skills
  4. A 4-month implementation period during which technical assistance and mentoring from NCWLI staff continue

Due to a generous grant from the Children's Bureau, costs to participants are limited to transportation to the training events. All other costs, including per diem costs, will be paid by the NCWLI.

The proposed dates and locations for the 5-day training events are:

  • Philadelphia area: April 13–18
  • Atlanta area: April 27–May 2
  • Denver area: May 11–16
  • Seattle area: June 1–6

Please see the website for more details and instructions on how to nominate midlevel managers:


Please send nominations (and any questions) to Dr. Norma Harris at ncwli@socwk.utah.edu or call 801.581.3822.

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