• April 2008
  • Vol. 9, No. 3

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Online Guide for CPS Training

The Georgia Department of Human Resources (DHR), Division of Family & Children Services, has developed a training program for child welfare case managers that uses an online participant guide. While created for the Georgia workforce, the guide may offer information to other child welfare staff. This course is intended to:

  • Teach case managers the skills and knowledge needed in child protective services (CPS)
  • Emphasize DHR policy and procedures that guide practice to support the transfer of knowledge from the classroom to the field
  • Emphasize family-centered practice principles to support families

This guide was designed with 11 modules, each of which contains information and related activities such as worksheets, scenarios, and discussions to aid in knowledge retention. By the end of training, participants should be better able to understand their roles and expectations as CPS case managers.

To view this electronic participant guide, please visit:
http://dhr.state.ga.us/DHR-DFCS/DHR_DFCS-Edu/Files/CPS%20Electronic%20PG%203-22-07.pdf (PDF - 3,310 KB)

The Georgia DHR posts many of its education and training curricula and handouts. To view the online selection, go to:

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