• June 2008
  • Vol. 9, No. 5

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Online Library of Children's Bureau Discretionary Grants

For more than a dozen years, Children's Bureau discretionary grants have supported a number of innovative child welfare projects, allowing grantees to investigate better ways to help children and families through improvements that range from diligent recruitment of foster and adoptive families to helping homeless teens achieve permanency to workforce recruitment and retention. Now, a new online library provides easier access to information about the Children's Bureau Discretionary Grant awards and the projects funded by these awards.

There are two main types of library searches: program announcement and grant project information. Program announcements can be searched by keyword or fiscal year. Grant project information can be searched by keyword, State(s), Region, date, or type.

Resources in the library include the following documents, some going back to 1995:

  • Copies of program announcements (requests for proposals)
  • A summary list of funded projects
  • A U.S. map that allows users to click on a State and see related documents
  • Grant project abstracts
  • Grant project site visit reports and articles
  • Grant project cluster syntheses
  • Other grant project products

Through the online library, users can find answers to questions such as:

  • What types of projects has the Children's Bureau funded?
  • What projects are currently operating (or have operated) in a particular State or Region?
  • Which grantees are doing work with a particular target population, what approaches are they using, and what results are they getting?
  • Who is testing innovative approaches to particular child welfare challenges or issues?

Visit the Discretionary Grants Library on the Children's Bureau website:


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