• July/August 2008
  • Vol. 9, No. 6

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The Source Focuses on Economic Self-Sufficiency

The spring 2008 issue of the National Abandoned Infants Assistance (AIA) Resource Center's The Source is a special issue on economic self-sufficiency for families affected by HIV and/or substance abuse. The journal includes articles on integrating vocational services into substance abuse treatment, social ventures involving clients and the service agency, a job readiness program that supports women and families, and workforce reentry and effective employment services for people living with HIV/AIDS.

http://aia.berkeley.edu/media/pdf/source_vol17_no1.pdf (PDF - 3,538 KB)


Two new factsheets also are available from the AIA Resource Center:

  • Women and Children With HIV/AIDs covers such topics as HIV prevention, testing, and treatment; mother-to-child transmission; psychosocial issues; effects on children; case management; and child care and custody.
    http://aia.berkeley.edu/media/pdf/2009_hiv.pdf (PDF - 199 KB)
  • Prenatal Substance Exposure addresses the incidence of substance use among pregnant women, social and psychological issues, effects on children of specific substances, societal impacts, legislation, and treatment interventions.
    http://aia.berkeley.edu/media/pdf/2008_perinatal_se.pdf (PDF - 1,000 KB)

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