• November 2016
  • Vol. 17, No. 8
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Spotlight on National Adoption Month

November's CBX highlights the 2016 National Adoption Month initiative, as well as other resources for professionals working to help children and youth find forever homes.


CB_large News From the Children's Bureau

Child Welfare Research

This month's CBX features a guide to help practitioners use cost analysis tools to quantify the economic benefits of child abuse prevention programs, as well as a report exploring recent work by a multiservice organization that offers an array of supportive and therapeutic services for children affected by trauma.

Strategies and Tools for Practice

This section of CBX offers publications, articles, reports, toolkits, and other instruments that provide either evidence-based strategies or other concrete help to child welfare and related professionals.


This CBX section provides a quick list of interesting resources, such as websites, videos, journals, funding or scholarship opportunities, or other materials that can be used in the field or with families.