• February 2009
  • Vol. 10, No. 1

Spotlight on Partnerships and Collaboration

Learn more about what States and agencies are doing to establish partnerships and collaborations with other agencies, the courts, the education system, and other groups to support better outcomes for children and families.

  • Family Organizations Promote Systems Change in Child Welfare
    Family organizations are demonstrating that families can be effective partners in child welfare systems change. The Kansas Family Advisory Network (KFAN) is an organization that exemplifies this...

  • Sharing Data Between the Court and Child Welfare Systems
    Progress toward developing effective data sharing between the courts and child welfare agencies and the benefits of data sharing are explored in a new report released by the New York State Unified...

  • Connecting to Improve Education for Children in Foster Care
    A California collaboration among representatives of the child welfare and public education fields as well as former foster youth, policymakers, legal system representatives, researchers,...

  • Partnering to Provide Housing for Children and Youth
    Information and resources that support partnerships between child welfare and public housing agencies are the focus of a new website launched by the National Center for Housing and Child Welfare...

  • Improving Mental Health Outcomes for Abused and Neglected Infants
    Child welfare specialists recognize that infants and toddlers placed in out-of-home care often have special mental health needs resulting from the trauma of abuse and neglect. A new publication...

  • Interagency Collaboration Improves Child Welfare Services
    A new issue brief describes the benefits of interagency collaboration in the context of a system of care approach designed to deliver better services for children and families. "Interagency...