• Dec 2009/Jan 2010
  • Vol. 10, No. 10

Strategies and Tools for Practice

Find tools and examples of new programs and processes, including use of therapy animals, ways for courts and Tribes to work together, how cities can help transitioning youth, and the best use of the APPLA goal.

  • Using Therapy Animals to Help Child Maltreatment Victims
    American Humane, an organization dedicated to protecting children and animals, has developed a program aimed at providing registered therapy animals to children in need. The Therapy Animals...

  • Reforming Court Systems to Improve Outcomes for Indian Children
    A new briefing paper examines efforts to implement recommendations made by the Pew Commission to improve State court processes as they apply to State and Tribal courts that hear cases involving...

  • Cities Can Improve Outcomes for Youth Transitioning to Adulthood
    Older youth transitioning from foster care to independent living face a number of challenges, including the risk of becoming homeless, dropping out of school, being unemployed and depending on...

  • Making APPLA Work for Youth
    For many youth in out-of-home care, the court may determine at a permanency hearing that there is a compelling reason that reunification, adoption, guardianship, and relative placement are not in...