• April 2010
  • Vol. 11, No. 3

Spotlight on National Child Abuse Prevention Month

This month, CBX spotlights National Child Abuse Prevention Month and its "Strengthening Families and Communities" message. We include a number of articles on ways that the Children's Bureau supports prevention efforts around the country, as well as articles on framing the prevention message and programs in parenting education and strengthening families.

  • April Is National Child Abuse Prevention Month
    "Strengthening Families and Communities" is the ongoing theme for National Child Abuse Prevention Month. The theme conveys the message that service providers and concerned individuals...

  • Promoting Optimal Development and Preventing Child Maltreatment: The QIC on Early Childhood
    The National Quality Improvement Center on Early Childhood (QIC-EC) is hard at work studying how collaborative interventions increase protective factors and decrease risk factors to achieve...

  • Tribal and Migrant Prevention Programs
    The Children's Bureau is committed to supporting programs and activities that prevent the occurrence and reoccurrence of child abuse and neglect within Tribal and migrant populations. Title II of...

  • Supporting Evidence-Based Home Visiting (EBHV) Grantees: Lessons Learned From Planning Year 1
    For home visiting interventions to have the greatest effects possible, the systems in which home visiting programs operate must be integrated, supportive, and conducive to service delivery....

  • Framing Effective Child Abuse Prevention Messages
    A new report from the FrameWorks Institute presents the Institute's latest research on effectively communicating with the public about child abuse prevention. With the support of Prevent Child...

  • Parenting Programs Improve Child Outcomes
    Intended to provide caregivers with the information, skills, support, and services they need to address the developmental needs of their children and prepare them for adulthood, parenting programs...

  • Family Strengthening Programs Around the Country
    A new report from the Center for the Study of Social Policy takes a broad look at the impact of the Strengthening Families initiative across the country as reflected in States' efforts to...