• June 2010
  • Vol. 11, No. 5

Child Welfare Research

Child welfare research news links you to articles on some of the most critical issues in the field, including placement stability, immigration, workforce turnover, and transitioning youth.

  • Placement Stability From a Variety of Perspectives
    CW360°, a journal that focuses each issue on a single topic, covering it from a variety of perspectives, tackles "placement stability" in its spring issue. The issue provides an...

  • Impact of Immigration Enforcement on the Welfare of Children
    An estimated 73 percent of the children of unauthorized immigrants are born in the United States and therefore are U.S. citizens. When the parents of these children are arrested because of their...

  • Workforce Turnover and Career Commitment
    The consequences of high turnover in the child welfare workforce are costly. A recent study, "Commitment to Child Welfare Work: What Predicts Leaving and Staying?" notes a number of...

  • Areas Where Transitioning Youth Need Services
    In the effort to achieve independent adulthood, youth who age out of foster care have, in general, four possible avenues of life experience as they struggle to make it on their own long before the...