• March 2011
  • Vol. 12, No. 2

Spotlight on Leadership in Child Welfare

This month, CBX spotlights leadership in child welfare, including leadership in child welfare agencies, training for leadership, implementing effective leadership, and building leaders among youth in foster care.

  • NCWWI's Leadership Academy Offers Training
    Important positive changes are taking place in child welfare systems across the country, many prompted by the work of the Children’s Bureau and supported by the Child and Family Services...

  • Successful Parent Leadership in Child Welfare
    When parents are given the opportunity to serve as leaders within the child welfare system, parents and agency staff can form partnerships to share responsibility for the design, implementation,...

  • Guidance for Effective Child Welfare Leadership
    Effective leadership places child welfare agencies in a better position to achieve positive outcomes for the children, youth, and families they serve. An online publication, Leadership Guidance,...

  • The Role of Leadership in Systems of Care
    Effective leadership is essential to the successful implementation of any systemwide change. A recent report from the Children's Bureau describes the role of leadership for nine grantee projects...

  • Leadership Initiatives for Youth in Foster Care
    Many jurisdictions and local and national organizations have developed leadership initiatives, programs, and training for youth currently or formerly in foster care. These programs recruit and...