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  • July/August 2014
  • Vol. 15, No. 7

Spotlight on Child Welfare and Domestic Violence

This month, CBX draws attention to the co-occurrence of child maltreatment and domestic violence (DV), points to research on case outcomes for child welfare-involved families affected by domestic violence, and highlights a factsheet series for parents about how children may respond to family violence.

  • Keeping Immigrant Families Together
    When undocumented immigrant parents are detained and facing deportation proceedings, their children often enter foster care. Once a child is in State custody, a detained or deported parent faces...

  • Services and Supports That Reduce Toxic Stress
    Research shows that when young children experience severe and ongoing stress, their bodies' stress response systems stay on high alert and can trigger toxic stress. Without appropriate...

  • Trauma-Focused Courts
    Recognizing that traditional court proceedings typically fail to address the underlying problems for parents who have suffered trauma, a family court in upstate New York has worked to institute...

  • Youth Credit Preservation in Wisconsin
    The Child and Family Services Improvement and Innovation Act requires that children in foster care receive copies of their consumer credit reports and assistance interpreting and resolving...