• April 2015
  • Vol. 16, No. 3

Child Welfare Research

CBX explores a study examining the residential settings of California's young adults in extended foster care, an article on proper implementation of wraparound services, and an annual report on child and youth well-being.

  • 2014 National Child and Youth Well-Being Index
    The Duke University Center for Child and Family Policy recently released its annual Child and Youth Well-Being Index (CWI) report, which includes an analysis of key national indicators and trends...

  • Implementation of Wraparound Services
    Children, youth, and families who are involved with more than one child- and family-serving system, such as mental health, child welfare, juvenile justice, and special education, may need extra...

  • Residential Settings for Young Adults in Foster Care
    Since 2012, California's Fostering Connections Act (based on the Federal Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act) has given youth in foster care the option to remain in care...

  • Recommendations of the Birth Parent Advisory Committee
    The Birth Parent Advisory Committee (BPAC) for Casey Family Programs released a report that outlined a set of recommendations to improve four components of the child welfare system: *...