• June 2016
  • Vol. 17, No. 4

Spotlight on Early Childhood Adversity

This month, we highlight a website exploring tools and resources on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), an information packet on mental health concerns of children in foster care, a practice model for addressing early childhood trauma, and other resources for professionals working with children facing adversity.

  • Website Explores Adverse Childhood Experiences
    What can happen to a child's brain when he or she experiences trauma during childhood? The ACEs Too High news site explores just that. According to the website, adverse childhood experiences, or...

  • Emotional, Psychological Well-Being of Children in Foster Care
    A new information packet from the National Center for Child Welfare Excellence (NCCWE) at the Silverman School of Social Work explores facts and statistics about the mental health concerns of...

  • Predictors of Coexisting Mental Health Disorders
    An article in the American Psychological Association's Traumatology journal reports on a study that analyzed 1,038 case records and interview data of Casey Family Programs alumni in 13 States to...

  • Practice Model Addresses Complex Trauma
    Trauma can mean many things for children. It can mean having a parent or family member incarcerated, experiencing or witnessing violence in their home or community, or living in a home with...

  • Children and Traumatic Separation
    The National Child Traumatic Stress Network published a factsheet for professionals working with children who have experienced a separation from their caregiver, whether through death or due to...