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  • March 2017
  • Vol. 18, No. 1

Current Topic

Opioid and substance misuse is a widespread concern that affects many youth, families, and communities. February's CBX highlights information on opioid and substance use as well as support services and treatment options for overcoming the devastating consequences of addiction.

  • Center for Juvenile Justice Reform Hosts 2017 LEAD Conference
    The Center for Juvenile Justice Reform has finalized its list of speakers for the 2017 LEAD Conference on April 6–7, 2017, at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. The conference,...

  • Webinar Focuses on Racial Equity in the Child Welfare Workforce
    The National Child Welfare Workforce Institute's "Mind the Gap" webinar series focuses on strategies for workforce development in child welfare. "Mind the Gap #9: Achieving Racial...

  • Conferences
    Upcoming national conferences on child welfare and adoption through April 2017 include:March 2017 * 2017 National Conference on Bullying Florida Association of School Administrators &...