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  • May 2017
  • Vol. 18, No. 3

Spotlight on National Foster Care Month

This month's CBX spotlight features an article on the mental and physical health of children in foster care, a new podcast featuring three youth as they speak about their firsthand experiences with homelessness or foster care, a report about a survey-based study to determine who would most likely be willing to act as a resource family, useful tools for foster parents and caregivers on navigating the reunification process, and a guide for foster parents on family visits.

  • Legal Representation Guide Now Available
    Child welfare cases can present unusual situations that can have significant implications for a child’s legal advocate. The Children’s Bureau identified inadequate representation of...

  • Tracking Quality in Head Start Classrooms: FACES 2006 to FACES 2014
    The Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation within the Administration for Children and Families of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services produced the technical report Tracking...

  • CB Website Updates
    The Children's Bureau website hosts information on child welfare programs, funding, monitoring, training and technical assistance, laws, statistics, research, Federal reporting, and much more. ...