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  • September 2017
  • Vol. 18, No. 6

Spotlight on Kinship Care

Read about new kinship care guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics that highlight how doctors can take a more active role in promoting safety and well-being in kinship care families, the positive effects of kinship care on youth, a pilot study on a training program for strengthening the bonds between young children and their kinship caregivers, and additional information regarding kinship care and the child welfare system.

  • Podcasts Highlight Programs Connecting Kinship Caregivers With Support Services
    Child Welfare Information Gateway launched a two-part podcast series called Supporting Kinship Caregivers to highlight successful examples of state and local programs that connect kinship families...

  • Tips for Child Welfare Attorneys on Understanding the Impact of Trauma
    Attorneys representing child welfare clients should understand the impact of trauma on children, youth, and families to improve outcomes for their clients. A joint article by the National Child...

  • Webinar Focuses on Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems
    In a webinar from the Early Childhood Data Collaborative, two states describe their experiences with collecting early childhood data and the implications for state programs and policies....