• June 2018
  • Vol. 19, No. 5

Child Welfare Research

We highlight the impact of early-life, trauma-informed care on repairing developmental disruptions in infants who have been abused or neglected as well as a recent survey that measures the prevalence of adverse childhood experiences in children in the United States.

  • Study Assesses Trauma-Impacted Development in Early Life, Potential Corrective Interventions
    Children age 2 and under are particularly vulnerable to child abuse and neglect and account for over one-fourth of all substantiated cases of child maltreatment. However, child welfare workers are...

  • Health Survey Finds Most Common Adverse Childhood Experiences Are Economic Hardship, Parental Breakups
    Economic hardship and the divorce or separation of parents are the two most common adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) of children in the United States, according to a new brief from ChildTrends....