• December 2019/January 2020
  • Vol. 20, No. 10


This section of CBX provides a quick list of interesting resources, such as websites, videos, journals, funding or scholarship opportunities, or other materials that can be used in the field or with families.

  • Families Facing Eviction and Housing Challenges
    In the book Evicted, sociologist Matthew Desmond follows eight families in Milwaukee as they face housing challenges and eviction. It explores poverty and economic exploitation as well as ideas...

  • Family Poverty Is Not Child Neglect
    Families experiencing poverty can sometimes face the additional challenge of fighting to keep their family together when they struggle to provide stable, appropriate housing or meet other needs of...

  • When Poverty Is Confused With Neglect
    When trying to stabilize their families and keep their children at home, poor parents often face additional hurdles, including struggling to balance safety and survival and subjectivity in...

  • Jefferson County Prosperity Project
    Jeffco Prosperity Partners is a project dedicated to ending multigenerational cycles of poverty, lifting families into self-defined prosperity, and helping their children achieve their educational...