• December 2019/January 2020
  • Vol. 20, No. 10

Spotlight on Knowing the Difference Between Poverty and Neglect

This issue of CBX highlights the importance of differentiating between poverty as a cause of neglect and poverty as being neglect and how primary prevention and family-strengthening strategies are key to keeping families together. Read a message from Jerry Milner, Associate Commissioner of the Children's Bureau, and David Kelly, Special Assistant to the Commissioner, that stresses the need to commit to a system that takes on poverty-related neglect in humane and effective ways. The issue also includes a variety of resources and publications for professionals and families related to the intersection of poverty and child neglect.

  • It’s Time to Stop Confusing Poverty With Neglect
    Written by Jerry Milner and David Kelly As a field, we are fond of saying that child abuse and neglect cross all economic strata, but we know that it is not reported or handled equally or...

  • How to Help Agencies Stop Confusing Poverty With Neglect
    Written by Jey Rajaraman, chief counsel, Legal Services of New Jersey, Edison, NJ     In New Jersey, like many places throughout the United States, most agency-involved interventions and...

  • Redefining Poverty in Tribal Communities
    Written by LeeAnn Garrick, Cook Inlet Council (CITC) chief of operations; Cristy Willer, CITC senior director of Strategic Initiatives; and Deborah Northburg, senior director of Child & Family...

  • The Lessons of Mary Ellen Wilson: Invest in Prevention
    Written by Katie Albright, Safe & Sound, San Francisco What would our child welfare system look like today if we had supported Mary Ellen Wilson's parents at the time when they so desperately...

  • Reckoning With History and Building a New Future: Reflections on Race, Immigration and Poverty in Child Welfare
    Written by Kaylene Quinones, M.S.W., cofounder, The Bravehearts, and coordinator, BraveLife Intervention at The Children's Village; David Collins, L.S.M.W., chief program officer, The Children's...