• February 2020
  • Vol. 21, No. 1

Spotlight on Developing a Full Prevention Continuum in Child Welfare

This issue of CBX highlights the importance of employing a full prevention continuum that includes communities, families, and agencies working together to make sure child maltreatment does not occur and families stay together. Read a message from Jerry Milner, Associate Commissioner of the Children's Bureau, and David Kelly, Special Assistant to the Commissioner, about the importance of addressing the conditions that leave families vulnerable and the need for a national commitment to a full continuum of prevention services that will prevent child fatalities and curb the need for foster care. The issue also includes a variety of resources and publications centered on prevention for professionals and families.

  • Continuum or Continuation? A Choice of Conscience
    Written by Jerry Milner and David Kelly Most headlines and public discourse in child welfare orbit around two highly emotive topics: child fatalities and foster home scarcity. Both topics are...

  • Why Multidisciplinary Advocacy Teams Are an Essential Tool to Keep Families Together
    Written by Vivek S. Sankaran, clinical professor of law, University of Michigan Law SchoolA parent in Detroit lost her five children to foster care because she was a victim of domestic violence....

  • Hello Baby: Expanding Primary Prevention in Allegheny County
    Written by Marc Cherna, director, Allegheny County Department of Human Services For more than 20 years, the Allegheny County (PA) Department of Human Services (DHS) has spent hundreds of...

  • Parents Are NOT Broken
    Written by Corey B. Best, consultant and professional guide, Birth Parent National NetworkWhen I began my career more than 10 years ago as an eager community organizer and professional, I soon...

  • Primary Prevention Puts Families First in the District of Columbia
    Written by Natalie Craver, program manager, Community Partnerships Administration, DC Child and Family Services Agency, Washington, DC For over a decade, the District of Columbia's Child and...