• October 2020
  • Vol. 21, No. 7

News From the Children's Bureau

In this section, find additional resources and information about the Children's Bureau's new Thriving Families initiative, new policies from the American Bar Association and the National Center for State Courts, updates to the Children's Bureau website, and more.

  • Message on COVID-19 From the Children’s Bureau
    The Children's Bureau created a webpage with the latest information on COVID-19, which is caused by the coronavirus, that includes everyday preventive actions to avoid infection as well as the...

  • Children's Home Society of North Carolina to Launch the Institute for Family
    Provided by Matt Anderson, M.S.W, vice president of programs and business development, Children's Home Society of North CarolinaMatt Anderson, M.S.W, published an article in the August/September...

  • National Partnership Aims to Redesign Child Welfare Into Child and Family Well-Being Systems
    The Children's Bureau, in partnership with Casey Family Programs, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, and Prevent Child Abuse America, launched Thriving Families, Safer Children: A National Commitment...

  • American Bar Association Passes New Policy for Youth Engagement in Legal System Reform
    The American Bar Association (ABA) Commission on Youth at Risk issued a policy resolution recognizing the value of youth experience and engagement in legal system reforms that affect the...

  • National Center for State Courts Issues Resolution for Racial Equality
    The National Center for State Courts (NCSC) issued a resolution on racial equality that emphasizes NCSC's commitment to treating every individual with the respect and equality they deserve from...

  • Creating the Child Welfare Systems That Families Need
    Although the Family First Prevention Services Act (Family First) of 2018 paved the way for agencies to provide families with evidence-based services, including mental health services, substance...

  • Evaluating Options for Investing in High-Quality Legal Representation in California
    The American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law designed an assessment to provide child welfare stakeholders with information about federal funding changes that effect high-quality...

  • Narrow the Front Door: Community Partnerships and Primary Prevention
    Written by the Capacity Building Center for States In "Imagine a New Child Welfare System," Children's Bureau Associate Commissioner Jerry Milner argues that the best way to prevent child abuse...

  • CB Website Updates
    The Children's Bureau website hosts information on child welfare programs, funding, monitoring, training and technical assistance, laws, statistics, research, federal reporting, and much more. ...