• November 2020
  • Vol. 21, No. 8

Spotlight on National Adoption Month

This edition of CBX is intended to encourage all readers to consider National Adoption Month as a time to reflect on the importance of family—no matter how it is configured or formed. It is a time to honor the critical role family, familial support, and connection play in everyone’s life and commit to being "all in" for families. This edition will feature updates on efforts the Administration for Children and Families, the Children's Bureau, and other partners are making nationally to promote family support and connection across the permanency continuum, with special attention to unification, reunification, kinship care, and adoption. The edition will also feature responses from experts across the country to the question: What does it mean to be "all in" for families?

  • Apoyamos a las familias (We Support Families)
    Written by David Kelly and Jerry Milner"Family is essential," a mother who had experienced the removal of and successful reunification with her children told us recently. It was as poignant and...

  • What Does It Mean To Be All In?
    For the past 3 and a half years, the Children's Bureau has made it a priority to meet with and listen to parents and young people with lived expertise. Those efforts took Associate Commissioner...

  • Primary Prevention: Reimagining Human Service Delivery
    Written by Assistant Secretary Lynn A. Johnson, Administration for Children and Families If you've been in the field, then I imagine you've been in this situation, too. You have a child, or a...

  • Transforming Child Welfare: Seeing Kinship Care Through a Racialized, Cultural Context and Community-Centered Lens
    Written by Sharon L. McDaniel, Ed.D., M.P.A., and alumna of foster care and recipient of kinship care. Dr. McDaniel is the founder, president, and chief executive officer of A Second Chance, Inc.,...

  • Happiest at Home: Indiana Launches Program to Preserve Families
    Written by the Indiana Department of Child Services Transitioning to adulthood is hard—for anyone. Doing so while aging out of foster care without the support of a permanent family is even more...

  • Mentorship as a Restorative Factor and Postpermanency Support
    Written by Christopher Scott, foster care alumnus and executive director of SUN Scholars, Inc.As an alumnus of foster care, I often reflect on the proverbial question of "What went right?"...

  • Youth Voice Can Influence Policy
    Written by Nancy Kay Blackwell, executive director, Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, Washington, DC As we continue to face the daily challenges of a global pandemic, our fight to...

  • Mindfully Positioning in Revolutionary Times
    Written by Kevin Campbell, Model Author Family Finding, familyfinding.org "Revolutionary times call for revolutions, not patching."—William BeverageWe live in an extraordinary time. Never...