• May 2002
  • Vol. 3, No. 4

Spotlight on National Foster Care Month

  • Report Sketches Picture of Foster Care in America
    How has foster care changed over the years? What are the current challenges? What is the outlook for the future? These are some of the issues covered in "Foster Care Today", a paper by the Casey...

  • Ideas On Improving Health Services for Young Children in Foster Care
    A new publication focuses on the special problems related to the provision of health care to young children in foster care. "Improving the Odds for the Healthy Development of Young Children in...

  • Journal Spotlights Transitioning Foster Youth
    How can communities and child welfare agencies help youth transition from foster care to independent living? The most recent issue of "AdvoCasey," the Annie E. Casey Foundation's magazine,...

  • New Newspaper's Staff Shares Background of Homelessness and Foster Care
    A new publication is intended to help improve the lives of young people who may be suffering negative effects of foster care or homelessness. It takes a two-pronged approach: It provides a...

  • Treehouse Strives to Improve the Quality of Life for Foster Children
    Based in Seattle, Washington, an organization called Treehouse works to improve the lives of abused and neglected children in small ways that make a big difference. Treehouse was founded 15...

  • Talking to Kids About Foster Care
    How should adults answer the many questions children have about foster care? How can information be provided that is simple and comprehensible? To address the questions, a Miami-based woman wrote...

  • Handbook Advises on Building Community Programs
    What do communities need to know in order to start programs for children in foster care? How much time and money is involved? What resources are available? Inquiries such as these led to the...