• June 2004
  • Vol. 5, No. 5

Child Welfare Research

  • Reliability of U.S. Military's Family Violence Assessment Tool
    Results of two studies indicate that the U.S. Air Force Family Advocacy Program's Family Violence Severity Index (USAF-FAP Severity Index) has fair-to-good levels of reliability. These findings...

  • More Flexible Child Welfare Funding May Improve Child Outcomes
    Current Federal child welfare financing rules, which are targeted to supporting children in foster care rather than on services to keep children safe in their own homes or in alternative permanent...

  • Prevention Leaders Strategize to "Reframe" Child Abuse Messages
    Existing messages regarding the need to prevent child abuse and neglect may reinforce the public's mistaken beliefs about the issue and may even alienate the very audiences prevention advocates...

  • Child Well-Being Shows Slight Improvement
    The overall quality of life for America's children has improved slightly since 1975, according to a report released by Duke University and the Brookings Institution. Children have experienced...