• September 2004
  • Vol. 5, No. 7

Child Welfare Research

  • Therapeutic Foster Care Prevents Youth Violence
    Program-intensive therapeutic foster care can prevent violent behavior among chronically delinquent youth, ages 12 to 18, who are at risk of committing violent acts, according to a recent report...

  • Home Visiting Study Prompts Changes
    Study findings indicating that the Hawaii Healthy Start home visiting program had little impact on the incidence of child abuse and neglect have prompted changes both to the program and to the...

  • Relationship Between Post-Adoption Services and Adoption Outcomes
    A study published recently in the "Journal of Social Service Research" found a significant relationship between post-adoption service utilization and positive adoption outcomes. Outcomes examined...

  • Increasing Numbers of Children Receive Interstate Adoption Assistance
    Federal and State adoption subsidy programs, commonly referred to as "adoption assistance," were established to provide cash assistance and supportive services to adoptive families of...