• October 2004
  • Vol. 5, No. 8


  • Missing from Care--Children Who Are Runaways, Abducted, or Lost to the System
    The Children Missing from Care Project has released a report on the current state of knowledge regarding missing children, causes, and possible solutions. "Children Missing from Care: An...

  • Adding Up the Benefits of Prevention
    The Washington State Institute for Public Policy has compiled information on early intervention programs for youth in Washington State to ascertain whether specific programs result in savings of...

  • Child Welfare Social Workers Give Positive Survey Responses
    Child welfare caseworkers with degrees in social work appear to have more positive experiences and be better prepared for their work than other child welfare caseworkers, according to a recent...

  • Federal Funding for Youth Initiatives
    The "Guide to Federal Funding Sources for the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative and Other Youth Initiatives", a publication of the Finance Project, provides comprehensive information on...

  • Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption
    The deadline for the December 2004 funding cycle of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption is November 5. The Foundation provides funding to U.S. and Canadian tax-exempt organizations that work...