• Dec 2004/Jan 2005
  • Vol. 5, No. 10

Child Welfare Research

  • Adjustment in Child Welfare Adoptions--A Comparison
    Children adopted from child welfare show some differences in their adjustment when compared to the adjustment of children adopted domestically as infants and those adopted in intercountry...

  • Measuring Strengths-Based Service Delivery
    A new tool for measuring strengths-based service delivery may help workers evaluate early childhood and family support programs to determine whether the programs reflect a true strengths-based...

  • Children Find Permanence in Subsidized Guardianship
    Permanence could be established for many children currently in long-term foster care with grandparents or other relatives if States established subsidized guardianship programs for these children,...

  • Parents Anonymous® Seeks Co-sponsors for National Parent Leadership Month
    In February 2005, National Parent Leadership Month will once again provide the opportunity for parents to be recognized by a broad spectrum of organizations and communities for their leadership to...