• September 2000
  • Vol. 1, No. 6

Child Welfare Research

  • Health Professionals to Focus on Domestic Violence Day
    To mark Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October, the Family Violence Prevention Fund has scheduled the second annual Health Cares About Domestic Violence Day on October 5. FVPV is offering...

  • More Findings from the Center for Family Life Study
    The comprehensive evaluation of the Center for Family Life in Brooklyn, New York, was designed and implemented by the Center and three researchers from the Columbia University School of Social...

  • Researchers Find Link between Childhood Abuse and Adult Anxiety
    A recent study, published in the August 2, 2000 issue (vol. 284, no. 5) of the "Journal of the American Medical Association", shows a link between early childhood trauma and a higher level of...

  • Project Targets Domestic Violence in the Workplace
    Ten States will participate in a new public-private project aimed at addressing domestic violence in the workplace. The Corporate Citizenship Initiative (CCI) on Domestic Violence was...

  • Companies Honored for Employee Adoption Benefits
    "Adoption All-Stars," or employers who provide the very best adoption benefits, were honored May 4th at the 2nd annual Symposium luncheon of the Dave Thomas Center for Adoption Law at Capital...