• November 2009
  • Vol. 10, No. 9

Strategies and Tools for Practice

Find tools and examples that can help you replicate an evidence-based program, prepare your agency for disaster, and involve youth and families in treatment planning.

  • Pennsylvania's Nurse-Family Partnership Initiative: Lessons Learned
    In times of economic distress, investing funds in proven preventive programs, such as nurse home visitation, becomes even more essential. A recent report from Public/Private Ventures (P/PV),...

  • Be Prepared for Disasters
    Both natural and manmade disasters have raised awareness about the need for fully developed disaster preparedness plans within child welfare agencies. The Annie E. Casey Foundation has developed a...

  • Involving Youth and Families in Mental Health Treatment
    While most treatment providers understand the importance of partnering with families, they continue to need specific, evidence-based strategies to support such partnership efforts. A new report...