• Dec 2008/Jan 2009
  • Vol. 9, No. 10

Current Theme or Topic

This month, CBX focuses on child welfare leadership and its impact on the workforce. Read about two CB-funded Institutes that are effecting change this area, and find out more about leadership preparation and training.

  • Emerging Leaders Contributing to the Adoption Field
    The National Child Welfare Resource Center for Adoption (NCWRCA) continues preparing emerging minority leaders through its groundbreaking Minority Adoption Leadership Development Institute...

  • Workforce Institute Launches With Ambitious Program
    The National Child Welfare Workforce Institute (NCWWI) was recently funded by the Children’s Bureau as a 5-year project to raise national awareness about child welfare workforce issues and...

  • Workforce Grants for M.S.W. and B.S.W. Programs
    The newly funded National Child Welfare Workforce Institute (see "Workforce Institute Launches With Ambitious Program" in this issue) will be issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for Child...

  • The National Child Welfare Leadership Institute Trains Future Leaders
    The National Child Welfare Leadership Institute (NCWLI) is a 17-month project created to provide leadership training to mid-level child welfare managers in public and Tribal agencies around the...

  • Preparing for Successful Transitions in Leadership
    As organizations grow and mature, they will inevitably face a change in leadership. Good succession planning can help organizations prepare for that change in ways that can strengthen the...

  • Leadership Impacts Job Satisfaction Among Social Workers
    A new study in the journal "Administration in Social Work" found that social workers' perceptions of leader behavior significantly affected job satisfaction. A national sample of 833 practicing...