• October 2012
  • Vol. 13, No. 9

Current Theme or Topic

This month's CBX focuses on what States and child-serving organizations are doing to address the developmental needs of young children in care. We feature the collaboration between child welfare and early childhood education in Wisconsin, ZERO TO THREE's Safe Babies Court Teams Project, and information about title IV-B funding for child welfare services.

  • Title IV-B and the New Focus on Young Children
    The Congressional Research Service (CRS) published a report in June 2011 that details State funding levels and requirements for child and family services under title IV-B of the Social Security...

  • WI's Early Childhood, Child Welfare Collaboration
    Wisconsin's Department of Children and Families (DCF) has long understood the strong connections between child welfare and early childhood education. DCF has initiated several programs to enhance...

  • Safe Babies Court Teams Project
    By Patricia A. Cole, Director of Government Relations, ZERO TO THREE, and Lucy Hudson, Director, Safe Babies Court Teams Project, ZERO TO THREEChildren under age 3 compose almost one-third of...

  • CW360°: Using a Developmental Approach in Child Welfare
    The Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare and the Center for Education and Early Development at the University of Minnesota partnered for the first-ever fall edition of CW360°. The...

  • Integrating Early Learning and Development Systems
    A paper released in August 2011, 1 year after the Federal Early Childhood (EC) 2010: Innovations for the Next Generation meeting, details the meeting and the strides made since in improving the...

  • Barriers to Early Intervention Service Delivery
    While research shows that 10–13 percent of children under age 3 are affected by developmental delays, just 2–3 percent of those children receive Early Intervention (EI) services....