• May 2014
  • Vol. 15, No. 5

Current Theme or Topic

As part of our Spotlight on National Foster Care Month, CBX highlights the 2014 initiative, the 40th anniversary of Intensive Family Preservation Services, a report on the financial challenges youth face as they transition out of foster care, and more.

  • May Is National Foster Care Month
    The Children's Bureau joins with many other organizations to support National Foster Care Month each year through a website on Child Welfare Information Gateway. This year's National Foster Care...

  • Intensive Family Preservation Services Turns 40
    Before the mid-70s, the term "family preservation" did not exist in child welfare. Interventions designed to keep children safely at home and out of foster care were not at the core of...

  • Financial Challenges Faced by Transitioning Youth
    Noting the financial barriers to success faced by youth transitioning out of foster care, the National Foster Care Coalition formed a working group in 2008 to examine barriers and explore...

  • Involving Youth in Case Reviews
    Noting the importance of youth engagement, the Jim Casey Initiative released an issue brief that guides jurisdictions in establishing quality foster care case review processes for young adults in...

  • California Foster Care Reentry Data
    Twice a month, the Chronicle of Social Change's Focus on the Figures series features data on different California child well-being indicators from Kidsdata.org. In January 2014, the Chronicle...

  • Supporting Youth in Transition
    Young adults often are ill-prepared to be fully self-sufficient and continue to rely on parental supports, financially and otherwise, for a number of years. Youth aging out of foster care rarely...

  • Well-Being of Children Adopted From Foster Care
    Although adoption is generally viewed as a positive outcome for children residing in foster care, there is little research comparing the life circumstances and well-being of children adopted from...