• June 2014
  • Vol. 15, No. 6

Current Theme or Topic

As the Children's Bureau prepares to kick off its third round of Child and Family Services Reviews, CBX provides information on changes to this round of monitoring, the role of continuous quality improvement in Round 3, resources for States, and more.

  • Third Round of Child and Family Services Reviews
    Background Since 2001, the Children's Bureau (CB) has completed two rounds of Federal monitoring known as the Child and Family Services Reviews (CFSRs). Between each review cycle, CB solicited...

  • Continuous Quality Improvement in the CFSRs
    The Children's Bureau (CB) is excited to start its next round of monitoring of State child welfare programs known as the Child and Family Services Reviews (CFSRs). The Children's Bureau conducts...

  • Child Welfare CQI Academy
    In January 2014, JBS International, Inc., and its partner, the Center for the Support of Families (CSF), through a cooperative agreement with the Children's Bureau, launched the Child Welfare CQI...

  • CFSR Round 3 Resources for States
    To help States and Tribes prepare for the third round of the Federal Child and Family Services Reviews (CFSRs), the Children's Bureau has made available several resources. Below is a list of...

  • Using CFSR Data to Inform Program Change
    Children and youth in foster care often experience challenges that can lead to poor educational outcomes. An article in the Journal of Family Strengths suggests that States use data from the Child...