• May 2016
  • Vol. 17, No. 3

Current Theme or Topic

We highlight the 2016 National Foster Care Month initiative, one youth's foster care story, a brief on promoting normalcy for youth in care, a study examining public resources and policies addressing homelessness among youth aging out of care, and more.

  • May Is National Foster Care Month
    Family reunification is the preferred permanency option in child welfare, and it is the most common goal for children and youth in out-of-home care. In fact, according to the Adoption and Foster...

  • Cortez's Story: One Youth's Foster Care Experience
    This month, we share Cortez's story, a young person who experienced foster care throughout his childhood and youth. His experiences speak to the challenges faced by many of our nation's children...

  • Promoting Normalcy for Youth in Care
    Having normal and healthy life experiences and milestones, such as forming positive relationships and participating in positive activities, are important for young people's successful development...

  • Reducing Rates of Psychotropic Medication Prescription
    Children and youth in foster care are disproportionately prescribed psychotropic medications as compared to their peers not in care. A brief from the National Center for Youth Law (NCYL) examines...

  • Reflections on a Life in Foster Care
    KQED Radio, an NPR-member radio station owned by Northern California Public Broadcasting, featured an interview with Jennifer Rodriguez, executive director of the Youth Law Center, a public...

  • Supporting Permanency Through Placement With Relatives
    A recent post in the Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare's (CASCW's) Child Welfare Policy blog explores a Minnesota benefit program meant to promote the placement of children in...

  • Preventing Homelessness Among Youth Aging Out of Care
    Over 20,000 youth exit or "age out" of foster care each year once they reach the age of maturity in their particular State. Many of these young people may not have the supports and...