• January/February 2017
  • Vol. 17, No. 10

Current Theme or Topic

Youth in and transitioning out of foster care face many challenges and need a wide range of support—in terms of resources and tools, as well as in relationships. January's CBX highlights supportive services for youth as well as resources for professionals and other caring adults to help youth in foster care and after.

  • The Impact of Social Relationships on Youth Educational Outcomes
    In 2014, America's Promise Alliance and its Center for Promise at Tufts University released Don't Call Them Dropouts: Understanding the Experiences of Young People Who Leave High School Before...

  • Engaging Youth in Foster Care
    Social media has emerged as a new tool for caseworkers and other child-serving professionals to engage youth. A recent podcast from Child Welfare Information Gateway, "Engaging Youth in...

  • January Is National Mentoring Month
    January 2017 is the 15th annual National Mentoring Month, which is the largest campaign to promote mentoring in the United States. Each year, National Mentoring Month highlights the positive...

  • Framework for Improving Adolescent Well-Being
    From the ages of 14 to 25, young people experience tremendous growth physically, cognitively, and emotionally. For this reason, this stage of adolescence leading into early adulthood can be a time...