• May 2018
  • Vol. 19, No. 4

Current Theme or Topic

We feature a message from Jerry Milner, Associate Commissioner of the Children's Bureau; an evaluation of 30 Days to Family, an intervention that focuses on finding kinship caregivers for children in need of out-of-home placement; a look at the unique relationship between kinship and foster families and birth families; and more articles featuring youth in foster care.

  • Foster Care Can Be a Service to Families
    Written by Jerry Milner, Associate Commissioner at the Children's Bureau. I invite all child welfare professionals, the media, and the general public to take some time to think about foster...

  • 30 Days to Family Theory of Change Evaluation Report
    In March 2011, the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition launched 30 Days to Family, an intense, short-term intervention that centers on two main elements: family finding and family support. Family...

  • The Relationship Between Foster Families and Birth Families
    A good relationship between foster and birth families is important to the overall well-being and sense of emotional security of children in foster care. A recent article in Child & Family Social...

  • Individual Strengths and Kinship Involvement Moderate Behavioral Risks
    Youth involved in child welfare are more prone to risk behaviors (e.g., delinquency, thoughts of suicide, anger) than their noninvolved peers as a result of trauma experiences and the disruption...

  • Perspectives of Youth in Foster Care: My Life Model
    A recent article in Child and Youth Services Reviews evaluates the My Life self-determination enhancement model, which offers youth-directed, experienced-based coaching to youth on how to apply...