• July/August 2018
  • Vol. 19, No. 6

Current Theme or Topic

In this month's CBX, read a message from Jerry Milner, Associate Commissioner of the Children's Bureau, about the importance of emotional and psychological well-being for children in foster care, as well as articles focusing on the mental health challenges and promising interventions for children and youth in foster care.

  • Let's Commit to Ensuring Emotional and Psychological Well-Being for Children in Foster Care
    Written by Jerry Milner. All too often in child welfare we focus on the physical safety of children and youth to the exclusion of their psychological and emotional well-being. Law makes clear...

  • Mental Health Interventions for Children in Foster Care
    Children placed in out-of-home care usually have suffered adverse childhood experiences or situations that can lead to high rates of mental health problems, such as disruptive behavior disorders,...

  • Predictors of Admission to Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities
    Children who have adverse experiences, such as abuse, neglect, and other forms of maltreatment, have a greater risk of developing behavioral and mental health problems compared with children who...

  • Resource Center Aims to Improve the Appropriate Use of Psychotropic Medication for Children in Foster Care
    Children in out-of-home care are more likely to receive psychotropic medications than children who are not. As a result, the Center for Health Care Strategies, Inc., and the the Annie E. Casey...

  • Youth Mental Health First Aid Course
    The Youth Mental Health First Aid course, produced by the National Council for Behavioral Health, is intended for adults (e.g., parents, family members, other caregivers, educators, peers,...