• April 2000
  • Vol. 1, No. 2

Current Theme or Topic

  • April is Child Abuse Prevention Month
    April has been designated as Child Abuse Prevention Month by presidential proclamation since 1983. By participating in Child Abuse Prevention Month activities and learning more about the issues,...

  • Researchers' Presentation Illustrates Benefits of Prevention
    To help professionals make the case for prevention to funding sources and policy makers, researchers Craig T. Ramey and Sharon L. Ramey of the University of Alabama have posted a comprehensive...

  • Panelists Tell How To Strengthen Prevention Efforts
    To prevent child abuse and neglect, professionals should work to expand bipartisan advocacy efforts and strengthen the institutional infrastructure that supports prevention programs. So said...

  • How Do You Define Prevention?
    "Prevention is kind of an abstract idea if you don't put a human face on it," says Teresa Rafael, vice president of Parents Anonymous, Inc, a panelist at the National Prevention Conference for...

  • Pediatricians Sharpen Focus on Violence Prevention
    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has revised its guidelines for preventive pediatric health care to address violence prevention and published its recommendations in the March 2000 edition...